Global Financial Collapse: An Opera!

Q: What is the BOEngland and the USA FED/IMF to each other?

A: They are a Cartel


Just what exactly are Westminster and their BBC orchestrating?
Are they willfully and deliberately engineering global financial collapse?
These BBC news items suggest something is going on!

10th November:
Breaking today (12th November):
Could this be anything to do with the way the British Government is undermining democracy to pave the way for corporate globalisation?…/
Just exactly what is going on between these undemocratic plotting individuals?
Expect the unexpected.
A major plot could be about to be imposed on us all!,
A final act against democracy?


Yes it is a Global plot, a plot that will leave our World in a state worse than could ever be imagined. This is to ensure they who already have wealth beyond what they would ever spend in their lifetimes is increased and watch as we ALL suffer:

Here are details behind the TTIP agreement we need to first stop:

Sign below petitions above and below via links share with via ALL social platforms to ensure we World wide as a UNITED FRONT can stop the few who aim for World wide take over that will see Global Privatisation in every country in the World. We will see the 3% Elite grow richer as the high/middle class WILL (believe it as even if you are sat on a fortune you wont be for very long) become the middle/lower class and the poorer will die. Yes but the poor will not die without trying and this is what the 3% Elite are bargaining on – they will sit back & watch us kill each other in civil war or as Unlawful Descent has been authorised World wide. Police who no longer operate under Law are private organisations so they will either kill us or we will die trying to feed ourselves. Dont think I am only talking here about *Africa etc (*one of the largest oil producing Giants of the World) I am talking about us ALL.

TTIP will allow Global Corporations to do above and beyond any Law’s as they are not Lawful!

& also sign this (linked from article above



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